Hello, guyyyyyyys!!! I’m so excited! Today is the last day of the writing challenge, even if I’m posting this late. It has been a beautiful journey so far. I want to thank you guys for always reading, you guys have been the best audience so far. I really appreciate you all. This challenge has been a great deal for me and has also kept me in check. What I learnt from this, is consistency!! CONSISTENCY IS UNDOUBTEDLY KEY!!


Love is meant to be an opportunity
To share a place in time,
And an open heart for a person,
Love is our now,
Our everlasting and our happily forever after.
Love is the juxtaposition of two,
Moving through life as the embodiment of one.
Love is a place,
That you are never unsure of,
And your hearts most intimate prayer.

Love is offering your breath
So that who holds your heart can breathe.
Love is when someone
Brings the best in you, out of you.
Love is a wanting and needing,
To be better than you ever were, or could be
For love demands no less.
Love is living with a fire in your belly,
That is fueled by knowing who you pledged yourself to.
Love is synchronized heartbeats, rhythmic breathing
And love is a complete thought, of two independent views.

Love is strong, never weak or timid.
Love is a smile that means everything
To that person who safeguards your heart And nothing, to anyone else.
Love is a story of a blissful journey,
In and out of the conduits of time.
Where that person, your person is as beautiful as the first day.

Love is rescuing a lonely heart
And a promise to have and to hold till time is no more.
Love to exist within and beyond the memories of a lifetime.
It is being committed beyond the challenges,
Making whole beyond any and all pain.
And love is the dance that you never want to end.

What has happened?
What has love become?
Love today is not as it was created,
It has become an amalgamation of grey areas
Buffered by few sunny days, but much more dark nights.
L-O-V-E a four-letter word
Which now stands for very little and demonstrates even less.

Love is rewritten to mean a collection of vengeful thoughts,
Baby mama and baby daddy drama,
Meddling voices adding poison to the mix,
Who then run for cover after the damage is done?
Claiming to have washed their hands,
Cause them to
get in the big people business.
Love today, is ungrateful, cruel, secretive and oppressive;
It holds grudges and is unforgiving.
Love is about what’s convenient,
A means to an end,
A stepladder to fulfilling a master plan.

Haven’t you seen the play…
The actors present nicely in public,
The performance is a collection of rehearsed scenes,
Where the emotional spears that tore each other’s flesh from bones
Are put away during the intermission,
And the veil of lovingness is presented,
But don’t dare peek behind the veil,
For a stranger might see the reality that has been so cleverly hidden.
Love now is a listing of what was,
What could have been?
What it used to be like.
True love,
Is now a fairytale passed down from a long since dead generation.

Love is sleeping with an enemy
You surrendered your single life to,
A person who you willingly said I Do to,
Thinking they will keep you focused, slow you down
Be by your side; help you conquer the world,
And be the foundation on which,
The very best version of you always wins.
Maybe this is just a view from a past dream,
That love has become a life now,
That only death offers an escape from.

Molayo x

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  1. Ash September 1, 2019 at 12:56 pm

    Beautiful poem Molayo! <3

    1. Mo's blog September 5, 2019 at 9:41 am

      thank you Ash ❤❤

  2. oladewalaura September 3, 2019 at 12:32 am

    Who knew the babe is a poet in disguise.❤

    1. Mo's blog September 5, 2019 at 9:45 am

      thank youuuuu


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